Mar 222011
Vought V-383 / V-384 Day Fighter (Original F8U Crusader Proposal)

Vought’s submission to the OS-130 Day Fighter competition of 1953 was the V-383/-384; needless to say, it was an excellent proposal that yielded one the best fighters of the mid-20th century, the F8U Crusader. In the introduction to its proposal, Vought noted that in the design of a new fighter airplane, two fundamental approaches could […]

Mar 182011
TEMCO Model 31 VF Day Fighter

The TEMCO Model 31 was a Mach 1.25 VF Day Fighter designed to meet or exceed all performance requirements of BuAer outline Specification OS-130, as revised, while at the same time retaining the characteristics of simplicity and minimum weight—including use of an engine without afterburning—as called for in the original draft of the specification. Minimum […]

Mar 122011
Northrop Model N-94 Class VF Day Fighter

Northrop’s contribution to the OS-130 competition was the Model N-94, which consisted of a basic design and two alternate designs. The basic design was developed for two different engine installations: the Pratt & Whitney J57-P-11 and the Wright J65-W (TJ 31B3). These two versions of the basic design were designated the N-94 and N-94A, respectively. […]

Feb 282011
North American OS-130 Class VF Day Fighter

North American’s submission to the OS-130 specification was a relatively conventional swept wing fighter resembling an enlarged Folland Gnat in general configuration, its most notable feature being a variable incidence wing. Three basic variants were proposed: one powered by the Wright J65-W-(TJ31B3) engine with a wing area of 300 sq. ft. (summarized in this article); […]

Feb 262011
McDonnell Model 90/91 Carrier Day Fighters

McDonnell’s contributions to the OS-130 carrier day fighter competition of February 1953 were the Model 90 and 91. Like Lockheed, McDonnell chose a thin unswept wing for its fighter designs, though the wing was of higher aspect ratio and had lower loading. An interesting feature of the design was the ventral mounting of the power […]

Lockheed L-242 Navalized Starfighter

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Feb 192011
Lockheed L-242 Navalized Starfighter

The L-242 airplane was the result of two concurrent studies which were being pursued prior to Lockheed’s final submission to the OS-130 competition. The first such study was based on the original requirements for a Navy fighter outlined in the first issue of OS-130. The second study was for a day fighter airplane based on […]

Feb 042011
Grumman Design 97 Day Fighter

Grumman’s submission to BuAer’s OS-130 Day Fighter competition was the Design 97, an interesting interim step between the F9F-6 Cougar and later F11F Tiger, the latter known as the Design 98 within Grumman. The company prepared a very comprehensive Design Summary for the proposal, which is summarized below. Operational Features Performance The maximum speed of […]

Jan 222011
Douglas Model 652 (F5D Skylancer Proposal)

Douglas’s OS-130 day fighter study was a logical evolution of the F4D-1 Skyray into an aircraft with a level-flight high speed at 35,000 ft of Mach 1.42. Douglas submitted four different configurations to BuAer under the Model 652 designation. Model 652-2 The Model 652-2 was based on using the existing F4D airframe, deleting the Aero 13-D […]

Jan 042011
Consolidated Vultee Carrier Based F2Y Fighter

The Consolidated Vultee Carrier Based F2Y Fighter was designed to meet the requirements of Outline Specification OS-130 dated September 2, 1952, including Amendments 1, 2 and 3. The aircraft was of the delta wing configuration and powered by two Westinghouse J-46 turbojets. The wing, vertical tail, nacelle, and power plant section were similar to the […]

Jan 022011
OS-130 Navy Day Fighter Competition of 1953

Fragment of the cover to Vought’s V-383/-384 proposal to the OS-130 day fighter competition of 1953, one of several studies submitted by a multitude of manufacturers.  The V-383 would ultimately be judged the winner, eventually becoming the famed F8U (later F-8) Crusader. OS-130 was a specification for a supersonic single-seat carrier-based day fighter designed for […]