Apr 092017
Convair Class VF Convoy Fighter: The Original Proposal for the XFY-1 Pogo

This book presents the original proposal for the Convair Class VF Convoy Fighter of 1950, which led to the XFY-1 Pogo turboprop tailsitter naval aircraft. It was one of five submissions to the US Navy’s Convoy Fighter competition, which called for a single-seat high performance fighter designed to protect convoy vessels from attack by enemy […]

May 242011
Fisher P-75 Advance Descriptive Data - May 20, 1944

The Fisher P-75 Eagle had its origins in a 1942 proposal to meet an Army requirement for a fighter with an extremely high rate of climb. The proposed aircraft was to be powered by the 24 cylinder Allison V-3420, the most powerful liquid-cooled engine then available, and constructed from the components of existing aircraft, namely the outer wing panels of […]

May 012011
Bell Supersonic Research Test Aircraft Proposal of 1954

On October 5, 1955, R.J. Woods, an Airplane Design Consultant at Bell Aircraft Corporation, submitted 90 copies of a draft outline of a new “Proposed Supersonic Research Test Aircraft” to John W. Crowley, Associate Director for Research at NACA.  Woods had presented this proposal at a conference at NACA Headquarters the previous spring.  At the […]