Sep 132011
Lee-Wendt "Amphibion" Flying Boat Studies (1937-8)

[adrotate banner=”8″] [adrotate banner=”1″] The US Navy received many unsolicited aircraft proposals during the 1930’s, a time when defense dollars were scarce and aircraft manufacturers were especially desperate to land contracts. One of the more interesting proposals from this era is the Lee-Wendt “Amphibion” Model WA-22, a handsome design for a high wing monoplane amphibian […]

Aug 092011
Consolidated PB2Y-3 Coronado with Integral JATO Motors (1944)

[adrotate banner=”8″] [adrotate banner=”1″] The image gallery above reproduces a report by Consolidated Aircraft Company dated February 15, 1944 summarizing the findings of a series of take-off tests made on a production PB2Y-3 Coronado airplane fitted with special “jet” propulsion motor equipment for assisted take-off. (These were not jets in the modern sense but small rocket motors). The […]