Jun 232017
Lockheed Model L-200 Convoy Fighter: The Original Proposal and Early Development of the XFV-1 Salmon - Part 1

This book presents the original proposal for the Lockheed Model L-200 Convoy Fighter of 1950, which led to the XFV-1 Salmon turboprop tailsitter naval aircraft. It was one of five submissions to the US Navy’s Convoy Fighter competition, which called for a high performance turboprop VTOL fighter to protect convoy vessels from attack by enemy […]

Feb 202017
Streamlined Dreams: Ten Amazing Unbuilt Automobile Designs, 1916-1939

Automotive history is filled with concepts which never left the drawing board, with early streamlined projects being among the more fascinating. This book presents ten of the most striking and unusual aerodynamic automobile studies of the interwar period. Subjects include a torpedo-like race car driven by periscope; advanced teardrop passenger cars; rocket-powered vehicles with wings; Harry […]

Oct 022015
Martin Model 262 Convoy Fighter: The Naval VTOL Turboprop Project of 1950

The Martin Model 262 was an unconventional turboprop VTOL aircraft proposal submitted to the US Navy’s convoy fighter competition of 1950, which ultimately produced the Convair XFY-1 Pogo and Lockheed XFV-1 Salmon. It was a swept-wing aircraft with triple vertical tails powered by an Allison XT-40-A-8 turboprop engine driving 16 ft contra-rotating propellers. The launch […]

Feb 152012
Early Lockheed XF-90 Concepts — the L-153, L-167 and L-169 Studies

The Lockheed XF-90 was built in response to a 1945 Air Force requirement for a long range penetration fighter and bomber escort. It was an attractive aircraft heavily influenced by the company’s experience with the P-80, sharing a similar intake and low wing configuration. However, it was designed to operate at higher speeds, with a […]

Feb 012012
Martin Orbit Project (1946)

The document presented above is a progress report dating from September 15, 1946 for the Martin Orbit Project, an ambitious single-stage-to-orbit satellite launch vehicle designed for the U.S. Navy. The design appears to be a refinement of Martin’s earlier proposal for the High Altitude Test Vehicle (HATV) program, which had its origins in a May […]

Jan 032012
Armstrong Whitworth AW.56 Jet V Bomber Proposal (1947)

The gallery above reproduces an Intelligence Report from the U.S. Military Attache, London dated December 12, 1947 which was found in the files of the U.S. Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff, Development, Director of Research and Development, Aircraft Division, Airplane Branch, RG 341 at National Archives II in College Park, Maryland. The report describes the […]

Nov 302011
Verticraft Tri-Service VTOL Prototype Transport Aircraft

The Verticraft Verticar was a little known VTOL aircraft design belatedly submitted to the Navy in connection with the Tri-Service Assault Transport competition of 1961. This competition was born of a common requirement by the United States Army, Navy and Air Force for a V/STOL aircraft that could augment helicopters in transport-type missions, specifically a […]

Nov 032011
Ljungstrom Internal Propulsion Aircraft Projects (1928)

In 1928, Olof Ljungstrom of Detroit, Michigan submitted a pair of unusual aircraft proposals to NACA which featured boundary layer removal via a primitive form of jet engine, in which a piston engine drove an axial flow turbine blower inside the aircraft. The power plant is reminiscent of that used by the Caproni Campini N.1, […]