Oct 182011
USAF Air Materiel Command Design 938A Penetration Fighter Study of 1948

The concept of a “penetration fighter” evolved towards the end of WW II, when the USAAF anticipated the need for new class of jet fighter aircraft for the long-range escort of its strategic bombers. In 1946, it ordered the McDonnell XF-88 and Lockheed XF-90 to meet this requirement; the following year it would also order […]

May 122011
Douglas Model 1875 Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Logistic Carrier (1955)

In April 1955, Douglas drafted these unorthodox transport aircraft studies under the Model 1875 designation for the Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion (ANP) project, a joint effort between the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) and USAF which began in May 1951. ANP was the successor program to the Nuclear Energy for Propulsion of Aircraft (NEPA) project initiated in […]

May 112011
Vought V-358 Attack — Fighter Design Study

In 1947, at the request of the Bureau of Aeronautics (BuAer), Chance Vought Aircraft conducted a comprehensive design study of long range carrier based fighters. The purpose of the study was to determine the airplane performance, size and optimum arrangement with various available power plants, including turbojet, turboprop and reciprocating engines. The effect of reducing […]

Apr 232011
North American Aviation ESO 4705 CIC / AEW Studies

Sometime in the late 1940’s / early 1950’s, North American Aviation produced these studies for an Airborne Combat Information Center (CIC) / Airborne Early Warning (AEW) aircraft for the U.S. Air Force. Documentation is lacking and we presently only have these general arrangement drawings to go by. These were scanned from microfilm and much of […]

Apr 212011
Douglas Model 1209 High Speed Composite Bomber

The Douglas Model 1209 High Speed Composite Bomber study was drawn up on approximately 9/10/50 and finalized the following month; the exact dates are not entirely certain, as the original blueprint shown above was scanned from microfilm and the smaller notes and figures are difficult to read. Documentation on this study is lacking and we […]

Jan 012011
Mother Ships, Parasites and More: Selected USAF Strategic Bomber, XC Heavy Transport and FICON Studies, 1945-1954 (American Aerospace Archive 5)

In this bumper-size final issue of The American Aerospace Archive, we revisit the theme of early postwar strategic bomber development (originally covered in Issue 3) and introduce two new subjects: the USAF XC Heavy Transport and Parasite/Missile Carrier as well as selected Fighter-Conveyor (FICON) studies from the early 1950’s. A common thread throughout this issue […]

Jan 012011
McDonnell Naval Jet Fighters: Selected Proposals and Mock-up Reports, 1945-1957 (American Aerospace Archive 4)

This issue focuses on little-known aspects of McDonnell naval fighter development in the early Cold War period, with special emphasis on the development of the F3H Demon. The magazine covers the following subjects: • Model 40/40A (1945 day fighter proposal—5 images) • XF2H-2/-3/-4 Swept-Wing Banshee (9 images) • Model 58 (original proposal for the F3H Demon—20 images) • Model […]

Jan 012011
North American FJ-5 Fighter: A Navalized Derivative of the F-107A (American Aerospace Archive 2)

In the second issue of the American Aerospace Archive, we present a highly detailed overview of the North American FJ-5 fighter, a proposal for a navalized  derivative of the F-107A prepared for the Bureau of Aeronautics on July 6, 1955.  With its dorsal inlet and sleek aerodynamics, the FJ-5 was among the more unusual and […]

Jan 012011
Martin JRM Mars Flying Boat: Commercial Projects of 1944 (American Aerospace Archive 1)

In 2008, Jared Zichek launched The American Aerospace Archive magazine using the MagCloud print-on-demand service. The inaugural issue reprints a lavish promotional brochure from 1944 of the Martin JRM Mars Transport Airplane, a commercialized version of the world’s largest production flying boat. The magazine covers three proposed versions of this luxurious “flying hotel” with 65 […]

Jan 012011
Secret Aerospace Projects of the US Navy, Volume 1: The Incredible Attack Aircraft of the USS United States, 1948-1949

In his second book, Jared Zichek presents the comprehensive story of some of the most radical attack aircraft ever designed to operate from an aircraft carrier. These incredible projects were developed in 1948 to equip the USS United States, an immense 65,000-ton supercarrier that was to have been the core of the Navy’s nascent strategic […]