Jul 182011

The image gallery above features selected color artwork and photos taken from the Bell Aircraft Corporation Twenty-First Annual Report of 1956. This report was found in BuAer files and likely accompanied Bell’s D188 VTOL fighter proposal. It was illustrated with a few artist’s impressions of VTOL aircraft projects of the period, along with a photo of Larry Bell, who passed away October 20 of that year; one wonders if development of the D188/D188A VTOL fighter would have been more successful had he lived on to steer the ship of the company he founded. (Cancellation of the D188A by the Air Force in 1961 effectively ended the company’s involvement in the fighter business, except for subcontracting work). Highlighted in the Operating Review section are the achievements of the Bell X-2 and the company’s extensive subcontracting work for Boeing, Lockheed, Douglas, and Martin. Finally, there is a nice colorized shot of a GAM-63 Rascal launch from a B-47, along with a short description of the missile. Click through the image gallery above to view the images in higher resolution.

All images from NARA Archives II, College Park, MD, RG 72


“Twenty-First Annual Report 1956 Bell Aircraft Corporation,” in the files of the National Archives II at College Park, MD, RG 72

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  1. Reports like this is very good as well they offer summary data, it is worth to have it

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