Jan 012011

McDonnell Naval Jet FightersThis issue focuses on little-known aspects of McDonnell naval fighter development in the early Cold War period, with special emphasis on the development of the F3H Demon. The magazine covers the following subjects:

• Model 40/40A (1945 day fighter proposal—5 images)
• XF2H-2/-3/-4 Swept-Wing Banshee (9 images)
• Model 58 (original proposal for the F3H Demon—20 images)
• Model 60 (delta wing alternative to the Model 58—9 images, including specially created color artwork for the covers)
• Model 58 wind tunnel tests of alternate nose cones (1 image)
• XF3H-1 Mock-up Inspection (summary)
• F3H-1 Mock-up Inspection (summary with 51 detailed close-up photos)
• F3H-1P Mock-up Inspection (summary)
• Model 58AD (F3H-2 with 30″ Diameter Radar Antenna—1 image)

This 60 page magazine features 97 images, including contemporary illustrations, photos and artist’s impressions, the majority published here for the first time. It is printed in full color on high quality 80 lb semi-gloss paper with saddle-stitched covers and retails for $14.95.  Also available is a downloadable PDF version for only $5.95.  Click on the cover image above for a full preview and to purchase the magazine at MagCloud, the printer and distributor of The American Aerospace Archive.  Also see the 8 page high resolution excerpt at Scribd.  Check our Reviews section to see what other people are saying about this issue.

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