Jan 012011

In this bumper-size final issue of The American Aerospace Archive, we revisit the theme of early postwar strategic bomber development (originally covered in Issue 3) and introduce two new subjects: the USAF XC Heavy Transport and Parasite/Missile Carrier as well as selected Fighter-Conveyor (FICON) studies from the early 1950’s. A common thread throughout this issue is the parasite aircraft, a concept which intrigued the Air Force during this period before being made obsolete by advancements in in-flight refueling and other areas. Featuring hundreds of previously unpublished bomber, transport and parasite aircraft studies, this 204 page magazine is copiously illustrated with 258 drawings, artist’s impressions and photos, including 27 in color. Subjects covered include but are not limited to the following:

Bomber & Transport Studies:

• Consolidated Vultee Heavy Bombardment Airplane, Gas Turbine Propelled proposal of 1945 (5 images)
• Douglas Models 1042, 1067  & 1274 Tailless Delta Wing Transports/Airliners (3 images)
• Douglas Model 1064 Tailless Delta Wing Bombers (11 images)
• Douglas Model 1211-J Megapod/Snark Missile/Convair XF-92/Douglas XF4D-1 Carrier (8 images)
• Douglas Model 1211R-45 through 1211X-55 Strategic Bombers—new detailed information
• Lockheed L-191-3 “Team Bomber” (1 image)
• Lockheed L-195 nuclear-powered strategic bombers  (3 images)

XC Heavy Transport and Parasite/Missile Carrier Studies:
• Boeing Model 497 XC Heavy Transport and Model 700-1 to -3 bomber/recon parasites (28 images)
• Douglas Models 1240 XC Heavy Transport/1252 medium transport/XC-132  (the main feature—numerous variants, 141 images)
• Douglas Models 1251/1251-A/1256 supersonic parasite bombers (14 images)
• Lockheed L-168 transport, L-208 XC Heavy Transport, and L-209-5 parasite bomber  (4 images)

FICON and other Parasite Aircraft Studies:
• North American “Parasite Fighter” and RD-1461 medium bomber/carrier of 1947  (3 images)
• Douglas Model 1126 medium bomber (MX-948)/Convair B-36 Fuel Transfer Study (2 images)
• Douglas Model 1219 supersonic parasite bomber (2 images)
• Douglas FICON studies—B-36 carrying F-80, F-86, F-84, XF-88, XF-90, F-94, F4D, F7U, X-3  parasites  (34 images)
• Douglas X-3 parasite studies (11 images)

The printed edition, which retails for $49.95, features high quality image reproduction on semi-gloss paper with perfect binding and stiffer cover stock than previous issues—more of a soft cover book than a typical magazine. Also available is a downloadable PDF version for only $9.95. For a full preview of the contents, please click on the image above, which will take you to the issue’s MagCloud page where you can click on the “Show Preview” button and purchase the magazine. Check our Reviews section to see what other people are saying about this issue.

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