Jan 012011

In the second issue of the American Aerospace Archive, we present a highly detailed overview of the North American FJ-5 fighter, a proposal for a navalized  derivative of the F-107A prepared for the Bureau of Aeronautics on July 6, 1955.  With its dorsal inlet and sleek aerodynamics, the FJ-5 was among the more unusual and exciting naval fighter proposals of the 1950’s.  This monograph covers the prototype, basic (production), supersonic reconnaissance, and rocket-boosted interceptor variants of the design.  It is illustrated with 5 wind tunnel model photos and 28 drawings, the majority of which are incredibly detailed and provide ample reference for those wishing to create an accurate model or illustration of this radical jet fighter.  The accompanying text is based on official North American reports submitted with the proposal and describes the type in exhaustive detail.  A must for enthusiasts of naval aviation and unrealized aircraft projects!  As with our earlier monograph on the Martin Mars, this 36 page publication is printed in brilliant full color on high quality 80 lb semi-gloss paper with saddle-stitched covers and is priced at only $9.95.  Also available is a downloadable PDF version for only $3.95. Click on the cover image for a full preview of the magazine at MagCloud, the printer and distributor of the American Aerospace Archive.  Also see the 7 page high resolution excerpt at Scribd.  Check our Reviews section to see what other people are saying about this issue.

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