Oct 042011
Stiller Helicopter Project of 1928

On January 1, 1928, brothers I. and J. Stiller, both of whom were engineers living in Radom, Poland, filed a patent in Warsaw for a peculiar helicopter design featuring two small propellers fitted on the upper end of swiveling shafts arranged in parallel. These propellers were driven by an internal combustion engine located between the shafts. […]

May 182011
L.H. Leonard "Helicopter-Type Aircraft" VTOL Tailsitters (1939)

Aeronautical history is littered with many unsuccessful VTOL aircraft proposals and prototypes.  Developing a practical military aircraft that takes off and lands vertically while remaining competitive with conventional types in terms of armament, handling, speed, range, payload, etc. has proven to be an enormous challenge, with only a handful of designs achieving production status.  In […]