May 172012
Higgins-Bellanca Cargo Model 39-60 (1944)

This article reproduces the original specification document for the Higgins-Bellanca Cargo Model 39-60 of 1944, an enormous transport aircraft designed for the USAAC which combined an elegant blended wing-fuselage with a twin boom tail assembly. According to various sources, this project began in 1941 and was also referred to as the “HC-57,” with the HC […]

Mar 132012
Douglas El Segundo Project 9 Tailless Bomber—Wind Tunnel Tests (1938)

The Douglas El Segundo Division Project 9 was a study for a twin engine tailless bomber dating from 1938. It was likely designed (or heavily influenced) by Jack Northrop, who would leave Douglas the following year to form his own independent company. The report presented in the gallery above describes the results of wind tunnel […]