Feb 202017
Streamlined Dreams: Ten Amazing Unbuilt Automobile Designs, 1916-1939

Automotive history is filled with concepts which never left the drawing board, with early streamlined projects being among the more fascinating. This book presents ten of the most striking and unusual aerodynamic automobile studies of the interwar period. Subjects include a torpedo-like race car driven by periscope; advanced teardrop passenger cars; rocket-powered vehicles with wings; Harry […]

Jul 052011
Granville Racing Gyroplane (1935)

The author stumbled across this drawing of the “Granville Racing Gyroplane” while reviewing NACA files at National Archives II in College Park, Maryland; it apparently originates from the February 1935 issue of Aero Digest magazine, a long defunct publication devoted to aeronautics news. The basic aircraft looks very similar to the the Gee Bee R-1/R-2 […]