Feb 262011
McDonnell Model 90/91 Carrier Day Fighters

McDonnell’s contributions to the OS-130 carrier day fighter competition of February 1953 were the Model 90 and 91. Like Lockheed, McDonnell chose a thin unswept wing for its fighter designs, though the wing was of higher aspect ratio and had lower loading. An interesting feature of the design was the ventral mounting of the power […]

Jan 012011
McDonnell Naval Jet Fighters: Selected Proposals and Mock-up Reports, 1945-1957 (American Aerospace Archive 4)

This issue focuses on little-known aspects of McDonnell naval fighter development in the early Cold War period, with special emphasis on the development of the F3H Demon. The magazine covers the following subjects: • Model 40/40A (1945 day fighter proposal—5 images) • XF2H-2/-3/-4 Swept-Wing Banshee (9 images) • Model 58 (original proposal for the F3H Demon—20 images) • Model […]