Feb 062012
Johns Hopkins Long Range Ram Jet Missile Study (1946)

Previously, we featured an article here at RetroMechanix.com on a Cornell study for a long range ram jet bombardment missile dating from March 1946. During this period, the Air Force appears to have been especially interested in this type of weapon, as it also issued a contract for a similar study by the Applied Physics […]

Jan 242012
Cornell Long Range Ram Jet Bombardment Missile Study (1949)

The above gallery reproduces the main body of “Influence of Certain Parameters on Long Range Ram Jet Bombardment Missiles Including the Effect of Highly Swept Wings,” a Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory report dating from March 29, 1949. In the report, Cornell investigated the horizontal, self-powered flight path of a given ram jet missile configuration to determine […]

Jun 012011
CH-64 “Chow Hund” - American Anti-Aircraft Missile Designed by Captured German Engineers

After World War II, the United States undertook a secret operation known as Project Paperclip, the aim of which was to exploit German scientists and engineers for American research, and to deny the technical expertise of these individuals to the Soviet Union. More than 1,600 scientists and their dependents were recruited and brought to the […]

May 082011
Douglas Model 1186-C Long Range Special Attack Aircraft - Scratchbuilt 1/48th Scale Model

One of my goals in researching and publishing books and articles on little known aircraft studies and proposals from decades past is to inspire modelers, illustrators, filmmakers, etc. to eventually bring some of these remarkable designs to life. Many of the studies I’ve uncovered have been unconventional, sometimes downright bizarre, and occasionally beautiful — certainly […]