Feb 212012
Rocket-Boosted North American P-51D Mustang (1945)

The gallery above reproduces “Flash Performance of the P-51D Airplane Equipped with Acid Aniline Rocket Motor,” a test report of The Air Proving Ground Command at Eglin Field, Florida dated October 3, 1946. The object of the tests was to determine the operational suitability of the P-51D airplane equipped with an acid-aniline rocket motor. Two P-51D-25 […]

Jun 132011
North American P-51D Mustang with Unusual 150 Gallon Ferry Tanks

This project was activated at the request of AAF Headquarters in Washington, D.C. on October 17, 1944. The object of the tests was to determine the safe ferry range of the P-51D airplane. The airplane used for this test was a P-51D-20 equipped with a standard PD-18A1 carburetor. Standard P-51B 150 gallon auxiliary tanks were […]

May 152011
Early Photo Reconnaissance P-51 Mustang (1943)

In the early stages of WW II, the need for a fast, maneuverable low level photographic airplane had been stressed by Army Air Force Ground-Air Support Command, resulting in the study of the feasibility of a photographic installation in the P-51. This study was conducted at the North American Aviation Corporation, Inglewood, California, and a […]

May 022011
North American All-Weather Super Fury

On November 15, 1953, North American Aviation submitted a design summary (Report No. NA-53-873) of a VF Class Day Fighter Airplane known as the Super Fury, utilizing the applicable design and performance features of the F-100B Air Superiority Fighter. In order to incorporate all-weather provisions and subsequent design refinements made to the F-100B, the company […]

Apr 252011
North American Navalized F-100 Super Fury Proposal

In this summary brochure dating from November 15, 1953, North American Aviation presented the Navy Bureau of Aeronautics with the Super Fury, a carrier-suitable version of the F-100 fighter which could have been realistically programmed for production by 1956. The proposed airplane took advantage of the proven aerodynamic configuration and J57 engine installation, and incorporated […]

Apr 232011
North American Aviation ESO 4705 CIC / AEW Studies

Sometime in the late 1940’s / early 1950’s, North American Aviation produced these studies for an Airborne Combat Information Center (CIC) / Airborne Early Warning (AEW) aircraft for the U.S. Air Force. Documentation is lacking and we presently only have these general arrangement drawings to go by. These were scanned from microfilm and much of […]

Jan 012011
Mother Ships, Parasites and More: Selected USAF Strategic Bomber, XC Heavy Transport and FICON Studies, 1945-1954 (American Aerospace Archive 5)

In this bumper-size final issue of The American Aerospace Archive, we revisit the theme of early postwar strategic bomber development (originally covered in Issue 3) and introduce two new subjects: the USAF XC Heavy Transport and Parasite/Missile Carrier as well as selected Fighter-Conveyor (FICON) studies from the early 1950’s. A common thread throughout this issue […]

Jan 012011
North American FJ-5 Fighter: A Navalized Derivative of the F-107A (American Aerospace Archive 2)

In the second issue of the American Aerospace Archive, we present a highly detailed overview of the North American FJ-5 fighter, a proposal for a navalized¬† derivative of the F-107A prepared for the Bureau of Aeronautics on July 6, 1955.¬† With its dorsal inlet and sleek aerodynamics, the FJ-5 was among the more unusual and […]