Unusual In-Flight Refueling Studies from 1949

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Feb 122019
Unusual In-Flight Refueling Studies from 1949

In-Flight Refueling of Fighter Aircraft Design Study is a report dated October 26, 1949 that was prepared by the Engineering & Research Division of All American Airways, Inc. of Wilmington, Delaware for the US Air Force under contract no. AF33(038)-2276. This 24 page PDF contains 3 high resolution photos and 7 drawings of various unusual […]

Feb 062012
Johns Hopkins Long Range Ram Jet Missile Study (1946)

Previously, we featured an article here at RetroMechanix.com on a Cornell study for a long range ram jet bombardment missile dating from March 1946. During this period, the Air Force appears to have been especially interested in this type of weapon, as it also issued a contract for a similar study by the Applied Physics […]

Oct 182011
USAF Air Materiel Command Design 938A Penetration Fighter Study of 1948

The concept of a “penetration fighter” evolved towards the end of WW II, when the USAAF anticipated the need for new class of jet fighter aircraft for the long-range escort of its strategic bombers. In 1946, it ordered the McDonnell XF-88 and Lockheed XF-90 to meet this requirement; the following year it would also order […]