Feb 122019
One of many unconventional aerial refueling concepts produced by All-American Airways for the USAF in 1949 (click to enlarge). More high resolution photos and drawings like this are available in the PDF below.

In-Flight Refueling of Fighter Aircraft Design Study is a report dated October 26, 1949 that was prepared by the Engineering & Research Division of All American Airways, Inc. of Wilmington, Delaware for the US Air Force under contract no. AF33(038)-2276. This 24 page PDF contains 3 high resolution photos and 7 drawings of various unusual in-flight refueling schemes, most of the concepts involving the physical insertion of the nose of a Lockheed P-80 or Republic F-84 into a pneumatic cone built into various parts of a Boeing KB-29, such as the tail, wing tips, and top of the vertical stabilizer. Also included are a pair of methods of capturing and holding the aircraft as well as All American’s take on the probe-and-drogue method that was ultimately adopted by the US Navy.

A preview of the report’s contents.

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(Note: Figure 9 is missing from the report and images are lightly watermarked to discourage unauthorized reproduction. Source of the report is US National Archives II, RG 341)

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